Paul Barrios

I’m originally from Rockville, MD but now reside outside of downtown Frederick in historic New Market.

I grew up playing teams sports such as baseball and soccer. At age 10, I began studying Tae Kwon Do and continued through high school until a competition injury sidelined me. In my 20’s I had a brief stint as a runner and have participated in the Marine Corps Marathon, The Parks Half Marathon, and various other races.

I started doing some CrossFit workouts on my own back in late 2014 while I was at Gold’s Gym. I didn’t know what I was doing and could tell I needed real training. As a result, I was introduced to ODIN CrossFit in Frederick, MD and began my real training there. In late July of 2015, my work schedule changed and I began training at CrossFit Hardshells in Gaithersburg, MD for a period of about six months. I returned to ODIN in early 2016 and have been back there ever since.

I started this podcast as a way to connect with people in the local health & fitness community. I love meeting new and interesting people and learning about their story and how they approach fitness.

Outside of the gym I’m a photographer/videographer, musician, lover of whiskey, MMA fan, and HUGE Orioles fan. I have a wife (Rachel), a ham of a 6 year old (Gavin), and 3 dogs (Chico, Tank, and Aria).

Bob Gawler a.k.a. “Super Bob”

A Rockville, MD original, I graduated in 1991 from The Citadel and ultimately returned to the MoCo locale.

I grew up playing a variety of team sports which morphed into an interest in adventure racing in my 20’s resulting in a literal near-death experience. I found CrossFit, and dabbled in it in 2012, and came back to it for good in 2015. I am a Level 1 CrossFit Coach and certified Spin instructor working on my NASM certification. I train out of CrossFit Hardshells in Gaithersburg, MD which is where I met Paul.

While CrossFit has literally saved my life I have an avid interest in all forms of physical fitness, functional movement, and well-being and harbor fantasies of opening my own athlete training facility in the next five (5) years.

Outside of CrossFit I am a self-employed business consultant, a Ducatisti, have an avid interest in firearms, and enjoy a good bourbon and cigar.

I’m quirky, don’t live under the center of the bell curve and I hope I can make broaden your horizons in physical fitness and functional movements and make you laugh.

Honorary co-hosts a.k.a “the regulars”

We have some friends who we really enjoy having on the podcast  whenever their schedules allow. While they can’t be on every episode, we have dubbed them honorary co-hosts.

amanda Lawrence

Amanda began her CrossFit journey in May of 2015 and currently trains at ODIN CrossFit in Frederick, MD. Before that, she was a marathoner and a triathlete. She has always been an avid sports fan and for 15 years she was a sports broadcaster, acting as a public address announcer and color analyst at Clemson University, Virginia Commonwealth University, and the University of South Florida.

In her spare time, she likes to go to breweries with her husband and take her two black lab mixes on hikes.

Pedro Aponte

Pedro also trains at CrossFit Harshells with Super Bob and is the founder of Victory Apparel. Pedro is also an avid mountain biker and enjoys making videos of his adventures.

He currently lives in Germantown, MD but most nights you’ll find him grinding at the gym.

Lastly, Pedro is currently single and it is our mission to find him a date so… ladies if you’re looking for a Latin heartthrob let us know.