Episode 21: Allison Jachowski

Allison is the owner of Odin CrossFit in Frederick, MD.

Allison talks to us about what it’s like to workout when you are pregnant. She also talks about how to overcome some of the mental blocks athletes can face when they are met with challenges in the pursuit of their fitness goals.


Episode 19: Dr. Aaron Horschig

Paul interviews Dr. Aaron Horschig about his book, “The Squat Bible.”

Since 2012, Dr. Aaron Horschig has made it his mission to help others decrease their aches & pains, improve their athletic performance and find their TRUE STRENGTH. As a physical therapist at Boost Physical Therapy & Sport Performance, Aaron works with such athletes as olympic weightlifters, powerlifters, CrossFitters, international level soccer players, MLB and NFL athletes.

His latest book “The Squat Bible” is a available on Amazon.

Episode 18: Dr. Josh Funk

Paul sits down with Dr. Josh Funk – founder of Rehab 2 Perform in Frederick, MD.

Dr. Josh Funk was born and raised in Montgomery County, MD and attended Poolesville High School. Josh went on to play Division 1 lacrosse and earn a B.S. degree from The Ohio State University. Following graduation from OSU, Josh played 2 seasons with the Minnesota Swarm of the National Lacrosse League (indoor) and was named an US Indoor Team Reserve for the 2011 World Championship. He later went on to earn his Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree from the University of Maryland-Baltimore.

Dr. Josh Funk earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and Strength and Conditioning Certification (CSCS) and trains athletes locally in Montgomery and Frederick county.

Episode 16: Mike Bryant

After a much needed break, Paul and Bob are back with a new episode featuring Mike Bryant.

Mike is the host of The Good Marks Podcast and the DC Film Life Podcast. The fellas picked his brain about how athletic conditioning has evolved in professional wrestling; shifting from the beefy freaks of nature to more agile athletes.

Later in the show resident fight game expert Angel Cabrera phoned in to discuss the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight that has been made official and will take place on August 26th.

Episode 15: Lion of Fallujah

U.S. Marine Corps Major Douglas A. Zembiec, 34, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, assigned to Headquarters Battalion, Marine Corps National Capital Region, Henderson Hall, based in Arlington, Virginia, was killed during a firefight on May 11, 2007 in Baghdad, Iraq.

“Zembiec” is a hero WOD that was created in his honor:
5 rounds for time of:
11 back squats, 185 lb.
7 strict burpee pull-ups
400-meter run

Paul & Pedro recorded this episode at the 3rd annual “Lion of Fallujah” event held at CrossFit Hardshells in Gaithersburg, MD.

Product Review: Under Armour Charged Ultimate


One of the first pieces of gear that most people purchase when they begin their CrossFit journey is a new pair of shoes. The proper training shoes can make or break your training experience.

When it comes to shoes, you will usually find that most people at a CrossFit box fall into 1 of 3 groups: Team Nano (Reebok), Team Metcon (Nike), or Team No Bull. All are fantastic shoes and, minus the No Bull trainers, I have tried and owned various trainers by all of them.

When it came time to purchase a new pair of trainers I (like many) looked at the typical 3 options; however, this time around I wanted to break the mold and go against the status quo. I wanted to look for a brand that wasn’t typically seen at a CrossFit box. So after some research I stumbled upon a pair of shoes from Under Armour called the Charged Ultimate.

Thanks to a generous gift from my mother-in-law, I was able to get a pair.

Before I get to my review, I want to talk about what you should generally be looking for in a good pair of training shoes for CrossFit.

Things to Consider When Buying Shoes for CrossFit

1. Offset differential – aka “The Drop”

The offset differential of a shoe refers specifically to how much of a height difference there is between the heel and the toe. To help evenly distribute weight across your foot in a more natural foot position, you want to find shoes with a low offset differential. Most training shoes that are used in CrossFit have a drop of 4mm.

In contrast, running shoes are not ideal for CrossFit due to their 8mm-12mm drop which is meant to help propel you forward for a more ideal running position.

2. Top Material

Box jumps, burpees, and rope climbs all put your shoes through a beating. You want to make sure that the outer material is durable and flexible.

3. Sole

Low tread yet “grippy” is optimal. The last thing you want to do is have your jump rope snag on the treads of your shoe. You also want to make sure that the sole is durable yet flexible enough to allow for explosive movements.

4. Personal Fit and Comfort

At the end of the day you have to see what works best for you. It may take some trial and error so just take your time.

Under Armour Charged Ultimate

I have been using the Charged Ultimate trainers for the last few months and absolutely love them! Here are the stats in comparison to the other common shoes you’ll see at the box.

Having been using these shoes for the past few months, I am absolutely a fan of these shoes. Here are some of the things I really liked about the shoe in particular.

Secure Fit

Under Armour has added an additional layer heel support that keeps my heel securely locked in place when doing box jumps. The added security also gives me increased confidence when doing high repetitions of olympic lifts in a WOD.

Versatile Platform

The multi-surface sole of the shoe provides a firm grip when doing box jumps and makes me feel like I won’t slip off. The dual layer midsole provides comfortable adaptability and flexibility when transitioning from lifts to 400 meter sprints in a WOD.

From a running standpoint, I found that the separation in the sole of the shoe that is reinforced with a structured shell provides optimum stability for me since I tend to pronate while running. The others didn’t provide much support in that aspect.

Overall Construction

The top material feels strong and not cheap and flimsy. The stitching and seals are strong and the lace loops help to reinforce the structure of the shoe to provide a snug fit. With the amount of abuse I have put on these shoes, they still look solid and I haven’t seen any areas of wear yet.


At the end of the day, this was probably the most attractive feature. Coming in at under $100, I couldn’t ask for a better deal on a pair of solid trainers.

To be fair, you can also pick up a pair of earlier models of the Nanos and Metcons which will bring the price down the the same price point.

Let me know what your experience has been with these or any other brand of training shoe you have used.

If you’re interested in picking up a pair of the Under Armour Charged Ultimate, you can do so here.

I do not receive monetary compensation from any of these manufacturers so what you are getting is my honest and personal review based upon how I use these shoes or any other products that I review for that matter. That being said, if any product manufacturers would like to send me products to review, I wouldn’t be opposed to it 😉


Since receiving my pair of Charged Ultimates, Under Armour has released a second generation of the shoe. I haven’t tried them yet but once I get a pair I will do an update.


Episode 13: Danny Farrar

Danny Farrar is an Army veteran, sought after motivational speaker, and co-founder of SOLDIERFIT – a fitness program that focuses on varied workouts incorporating strength, cardiovascular endurance and core training. With both indoor and outdoor facilities, SOLDIERFIT classes combine basic training techniques from the United States Military with functional fitness training.

Additionally, Danny recently co-founded Platoon 22 – a 501(c)3 – to help raise awareness and combat veteran suicides. Platoon 22 has raised over $180,000 in its first year alone.

His latest venture has him running for a seat on the Frederick County Council.

Paul and Bob visited with him at the SOLDIERFIT headquarters and talked about his time with the Army, the origins of SOLDIERFIT, his political aspirations, and much more.